With love from me to you: In a world of mass production, I create one-of-a-kind pieces – each one lovingly designed, engineered and assembled by me – to echo the uniqueness in each and every one of you. My designs are aimed to become your perfect companion through good times and bad for they can help you channel powerful energies, make a bold statement, express your joy, or celebrate that special life moment underscoring your true spirit, discerning style and personal character.

I prefer pure, natural and handmade materials that are lovingly and skillfully crafted by artisans around the world and infuse them with rare antique components to add value and dimension. What I love about my beads most is that they have the power to help heal, strengthen, empower and harmonize your life.

Wherever possible, I source from the artisan or workshop directly to help preserve their ancient craft as many of them are on the brink of extinction. Being mindful, tolerant and compassionate with others reminds me of our common love for beauty and personal expression that connects us with humanity everywhere on the planet – near and far throughout the ages. My work is a celebration of that bond.

I founded HEIKE GASTMANN jewelry in 2012 in Washington, DC. In 2015, the company moved to Los Angeles where the focus now lies on pure designs from sustainable and toxin-free materials to further hone the mindfulness of the brand.

HEIKE GASTMANN JewelryHeike Gastmann Wells
founder | owner



Imaginary Silk Road journeys inspire one-of-a-kind “beaded adventures” blending materials from different places and continents, cultures and traditions, fashions and times. It’s a joyful celebration of colors, textures, shapes and sizes that culminates in meaningful pieces of art.

Each piece is unique – just like you are – with its own compelling past and stories, chock-full of bedazzling mystery and allure.





Every single one of my designs is created with you in mind. By choosing pure and powerful materials I channel energy into meaningful statement pieces that are intended to be more than elegant designs and stylish adornments – but to bring you joy, courage and confidence to show up as the most beautiful version of you.

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